If you have peace of heart then you can survive every disasters in your life

“Most of all, we are still blessed to survive and live. Probably, the odds for now is not in our favor but our continuous hard work and resilience will steer us to our dreams one day.”

Sunday Reflection #2

Sunday, April 26, 2020 [ Enhanced Community Quarantine SEASON 3]
This is the third time that the quarantine days are extended after its supposed end this April 30. Apparently, the cases are still rising and the curve is yet to be flatten. I decided to stay away from Facebook for a while since most posts, comments and related stuff I read are either political arguments or rants. Goodness, where are the memes?

21 on 21

As much as I want to make the first day of my adulthood perfect, it wasn’t. After a week-long preparation for a final exam last Tuesday, I failed and it’s terrible. Then I have to submit 4 types of paper works which are due today. Then our prof just announced yesterday that the removal exam will be today as well. Then surprise! Now happening: cough and colds. Happy Birthday to me! But since I’m up all night and it’s 3 AM and apparently celebrating my 21st year on earth, here are the 21 thoughts in my mind right now: