sabi ko nga

Para sa mga asang asa na magkakaroon ng lovelife. Lol.

the neophyte

painting by alessia cairolirhsaatchiartcom van gogh old in sorrow on the threshold of eternity rhpinterestcom van Painting Sad Man gogh old man

Someone told me that’s its an exhausting world out there and there is no telling if you will be ready to meet the demands of the world. I just told him that I will be crossing the world when I get there.

After writing this, please let me go

You look beautiful and perfectuntil I opened your heartA jar of stagnant darknesskept for so longit stink of frustrationof rotting sadnessof envy and jealousythe scent of cadaverine.I gave you a sheet, a quill, and a brushto give your soul a languagethat no one understand other than youThe poem you wroteis almost a songusing the inkfrom… Continue reading After writing this, please let me go