Finally Percy Jackson will be having a live-action series!

This is probably the best news that appeared on my feed today. Rick Riordan posted on his Instagram account that Percy Jackson series will finally be having a live action series for REAL!

What are the things you miss doing?

It’s been 8 weeks and most of us are still in qurantine. I’m getting anxious specially that I’ve read the latest update and the cases are still increasing.
What are the things that you miss doing? What are the things that you will do after everything will get better?
Here are some of my bucket list:

Sunday Reflection #3 – Career vs Relationship

Last week, I received a message from one of my friends. He told me he has a problem but he is not ready to tell people yet.
I replied, “Oks… don’t tell me.”
He said, “You’re annoying, I chatted you for this.”
The he**? So I’m not part of your concept of ‘people’? But I replied” Yo, what’s up?”
“We broke up. I love her and she just ended our 2 years relationship. Just like that.

Should I start exercising now?

Maybe I’m just getting anxious but I felt like I’m in prison. I haven’t been outside for five days now and I am located in the 3rd floor of our apartment building. Having said that, I have not seen any sunshine for five days. On top of that, I’m awake at night while asleep for most of the morning time.