Commitment for an important exam

“The problem with you millennial kids is that you have a short attention span.”
One of my favorite professor used to tell me that before. “Uhmm… Ma’am I think I’m a Generation Z kid?” I replied with a wry smile.
“You know that’s not my point!” I pretty much remember my prof and her eagerness to throw the nearest object she can touch at me. I use to visit her during my vacant hours. Just to share a few of my college dramas and just to listen about her stories (You know we all have that one person who loves sharing their adventures to inspire everyone). She talked about it with love as if she’s on an adventure with her magical staff to fight some dragon in a dungeon.

Sunday Reflection #2

Sunday, April 26, 2020 [ Enhanced Community Quarantine SEASON 3]
This is the third time that the quarantine days are extended after its supposed end this April 30. Apparently, the cases are still rising and the curve is yet to be flatten. I decided to stay away from Facebook for a while since most posts, comments and related stuff I read are either political arguments or rants. Goodness, where are the memes?

Should I start exercising now?

Maybe I’m just getting anxious but I felt like I’m in prison. I haven’t been outside for five days now and I am located in the 3rd floor of our apartment building. Having said that, I have not seen any sunshine for five days. On top of that, I’m awake at night while asleep for most of the morning time.