Love, Narcissus

Sometimes, we tend to create a pretentious image of ourselves based on our love one’s desire and call ourselves selfless. Now, you think that the person truly loves you. What a concept. The person just loves the fiction you made and you just love the idea that the person ‘loves’ you. You, poor little heart who deserves the best. Know your self-worth. Love yourself.

Small things MATTER!

In our lives where everything seems wrong something finally felt right. Well, my latest exam awfully sounded that way and I’m one of the lesser happy people in the world right now. But when all seems dull and gray and we are in the verge of giving up, remember that there is always a white dot – you are still alive. You can still fight.

Top Isekai Anime (Main Character transferred to another world)

If you like anime where the MC or main character is transferred or called to another world or also known as Isekai genre, this is is for you.

21 on 21

As much as I want to make the first day of my adulthood perfect, it wasn’t. After a week-long preparation for a final exam last Tuesday, I failed and it’s terrible. Then I have to submit 4 types of paper works which are due today. Then our prof just announced yesterday that the removal exam will be today as well. Then surprise! Now happening: cough and colds. Happy Birthday to me! But since I’m up all night and it’s 3 AM and apparently celebrating my 21st year on earth, here are the 21 thoughts in my mind right now: