Unplanned doors

Things does not always happen the way we want it to happen and I have learned it the hard way.

It was on my third year in high school when I have decided that I will be an engineer someday. It was the perfect choice for me given my current situation that time– financially and mentally. I am already aware that things may always go sideways and not everything on your checklist will be marked. But still, I want things to happen the way I was planning it.

After I graduated, this I what I wanted: get my diploma, review for licensure examinations, pass the exams, and get a job afterwards.  In that manner exactly. I want to get my licenses first before getting a job because I might not want to do it anymore if I am already receiving enough salary. Also, it is a good plan because I can spend most of my energy in reviewing.

Then the world pandemic happens.

Good bye plans.

It is more than a year now and it is taking a toll on my mental health. I am starting to get anxious of my age and the pressure of being a young pro in his twenties. So instead of getting my second license first, I have decided to get a job experience instead. Which is totally out of my plans.

The amazing thing about this is that I have received a job immediately – unplanned. I felt something is pushing me to do this. I think it is God or the universe itself.

I have to struggle with this newly opened door though because I have to juggle my work while still refreshing my notes for the exam (while trying to have a life). Maybe it is weird but I feel more motivated to study now that I have a job than when I have none.

Moving forward, some of you may noticed that recently my write ups were all about adulting and my struggles about having career. Primarily because it is on the top of my head and its affecting 360 degrees of my life including this writing hobby of mine. Who knows? Maybe someone out there has the same dilemma. I am telling you; you are not alone and you can do it!

I wish I could go back to writing poems and taking pictures again soon.

By Graymand

See my About Me page at graymand.wordpress..com

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