Waiting game

If there is one thing this past year taught me, it is that patience is really a virtue.

I took that photo sometime in December while I was traveling by the sea. It reflects both the calmness and uneasiness that I’m feeling these days. Quite the paradox right?

I graduated my degree in 2019. It is almost two years now and I’m still wandering aimlessly with my life. It was like I lost my enthusiasm and sense of direction after a series of unfortunate events in my life.

I have read that it is quite normal for youngsters in their 20’s to struggle about the things they want to do with their life. This may be the reason why I am not completely bothered about my fair share of struggles. Although to be completely honest, things can be heavy sometimes.

It is a year now of delay and waiting for my postponed career plan due to the pandemic. I’m getting anxious of waiting for it to happen. My coping mechanism with that is to make myself busy through writing, video editing, photography and reading.

As of writing, I am currently waiting for a call or message about my final interview for a job. I prepared early and the agony of waiting is real. For context purposes, I currently applied for a job last week somewhere far from home. Luckily I have passed all the interviews and requirements and this final call will be the yes signal that I am hired.

I declare that this year will be my year.

Adulting can be really tough. But you are never totally alone in your struggles.

Patience should not only be a type of value. Let’s make it a character.

Let me hear your word of advice or share your waiting game story as well below.

Edit. Just before I finish this article, I received the message that I am waiting since morning. Thanks God. I feel so relieved right now. ♥️

By Graymand

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