Happy 21st Birthday Jun!

We both cringe at affections weaved into words but then again, 21 is special and most things in this trying times are technically virtual. So here are some cringe-worthy thoughts that connect us (or not?) as sibs:

  1. I like the first picture, that’s Mama pinching her way to us in front of the cam, “Ismayl ismayl kay tag trenta iton, mag eestorya kita ha balay ha” together with your oversized barong “kay ngada pa iton tim pag Grade 6 madako ka pa.” Kung alam ko lang I should’ve wore that.
  2. People should know the hero in you every time you told our parents “Sige Pa, hi kuya la anay paupda sa contest,” because we were financially challenged. You’re a huge reason behind every medal that I brought home.
  3. I remember two points in which memory of stars became my favorites. One was when Papa bumped our head because we fought a lot as a kid and the other, was our after-Bagyong-Frank-roofless-night were we promised under the stars that Mama won’t cry again because we don’t have a roof.
  4. I should also apologize for the time you slept outside our room when we fought over your disorganized things. I overstepped my “Tadunga tim mga gamit” habit as I stepped over your stinking sports socks. Both of which I truly regret. uwu. gehgehgeh sorna lods.
  5. You’re a PMA cadet. I am in Chemical Engineering. You love your sports, socials and the military. I love my science, writing and creative arts. We’ve been compared a lot. But little did the society know that your win is my win and your loss is my loss. Vice versa.
  • We are always busy following our North Star that I am not sure anymore if I have ever been the Kuya that you deserve. You should know however, that you may not always see it because of our distance, but wherever our destinies sail us, the first five persons that will always back you up and will always be proud of you are us. We are your constants in this non-ideal world.

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