It has been a long time since my last post. I have been trying a lot of things these past weeks. Of course, nothing of major importance just basically burning time until the December.

On my latest article, I remembered I prayed for a temporary job. Well, my wish came true. I am hired now until the end of the year and the good thing about it is that it pays quite well and with extra allowances. It is really awesome for me because the time frame of the contract is fit to the time plan that I was thinking before I go back for the preparation of my licensure exam next year.

Anyway that was just a little positive vibes that I want to share. What I really want to share today is the project that I did one week ago.

I was just staying at home and a little bored. There were small buckets of paints in the storage so I thought of doing a makeover in my parents house. With their consent, I let them bought additional materials for my plans. I want the house to be a little brighter and its color to be more coherent than before. But I also want to retain our old stuffs at home and only spend a small amount for the project.

Anyway, here are the results:







[Phone camera quality sucks. 😦 ]

The changes that I did were just simple. White wall and black floor contrast then I put a dish garden for the center table and an indoor plant at the corner plus some additional decorations.

Overall, my parents liked the changes and I enjoyed the process of doing this mini project. I also made a video about this that I uploaded in YouTube. One click in the sub button will give me more energy ( about a kilojoule per sub haha) to do better in my arts and hobbies.

If you want to know more about the details, I uploaded a video in YouTube.

YouTube Video:

Note: The results can be found at 5:55 .

YouTube Channel: Wolfus Ignatius

Peace to the world!

By Graymand

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