Last time, I shared to you in my last story that I am in an isolation area for 14 Days as an asymptomatic person.

There are several things I want to clarify based on the few questions I received from several concerned friends. On top of that, I am grateful for showing your concern and support.

  • It turned out true and was not a scam. This fact made me half relieved and half tensed. I am relieved that it is not some sort of scam, that I may be brought to some place for human trafficking or worse ( I am telling you, in times of high level panic you will be thinking of the weirdest things). But I am tensed due to the fact that I caught this thing in spite of all the prevention measures I have done. I am relieved that I will be receiving help to flush out this virus. But I am tensed that people might see me differently from now on (which is understandable of course).
  • My four other friends whom I share my apartment with turned out negative. God knows how much I am relieved that not everyone of us were affected. Most probably, our social distancing, prevention measures such as separation of own utensils and washing them individually, sanitizing all the time and such things, actually worked.
  • As for the health workers, the person who contacted me honestly made a wrong move because it totally freaked me out. He could have done better. But in spite of that, all of the people who assisted and helped me are very kind and courteous, including Mr. Midnight caller . I am very grateful to my Landlady as well because she assisted me with everything that I needed. She even confronted the caller herself for contacting me during late hours and reported the whole situation to the police.

Now, continuing the story…

At the end of the day, everything turned out to be okay. It was literally by end of the day that the ambulance came. I prepared all my necessities like clothes and hygiene kit. I have prepared several books as well as my gadgets to help me burn the time here. My parents are constantly contacting me. They are worrywarts and I never wanted them to think too much so I am really doing my best here to be strong. I also asked my roommates to sanitize everything after I leave. I have already separated and wrapped my things so that it will be easier for them. I am preventing them from touching my stuffs to avoid direct exposure.

Two guys in full PPE in an ambulance took me to the isolation area. It was my first time riding an ambulance as a patient by the way. The medical staff welcomed me and asked me to fill out some forms before taking me to my assigned room. I am currently in the GREEN ZONE area where all patients are the same with my condition. On the other side is the RED ZONE area where all patients are showing symptoms and will be needing extra care and treatment. Everyone is provided with their own room and a bag with essentials and vitamins. I will be making a story about my full facility observation on a separate post.

As of now, I remained asymptomatic. If I was not tested, I won’t be thinking that I have the virus. No fever, no coughs or anything wrong with my body. I am hoping it will remain that way. The food is awesome and great and the people, both patients and staffs are friendly.

I still believe that there is a reason for everything. I am looking forward that there will be better days ahead. For me and for everyone of us. Have a pleasant day. Thanks for reading.

Featured Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

Quarantine Trilogy




By Graymand

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  1. So glad you are well, and doing ok – glad to hear that.

    Just out of curiosity- what made you go get tested in the first place? The roommates? Because they had coughs?

    In any event – was good that you did that – thank you! I hope you get well soon … can’t wait to hear all about everything! Thank you very much for sharing!!

    Stay healthy & strong!! Hope your recoup goes smoothly for you! 🙏✌️


  2. Omg Graymand, I came to enquire about your safety from the earthquake and here i read you are quarantined? Though I am happy you are asymptomatic and hope you stay that way. Hope you are doing your best to adjust for the time being and are keeping your spirits up. I hope you and your loved ones are all safe!


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