You are reading this right. My worst fear in this pandemic came true. I got the virus.

Last Friday, me and my roommates voluntarily went to a free swab testing site here in our city. Aside from its free, it’s an advantage for us to get tested since it is a must in applying for a job or going to our home provinces.

We’ve been isolating ourselves for months now, so we are less nervous, of having ‘positive’ results, than usual.

Then it all changed when a sudden message request in my messenger popped out around 11 PM last night. He told me that he was from the City Health Office and he wants to call me urgently.

Because of my nervousness, of course I answered the call with a pre-orientation with myself that it is possibly what I am thinking about. At first, he asked me personal details and such which is quite weird given that I was sure that during the testing I filled out all the required data in the form religiously.

Long story short, he told me not to panic and that I was POSITIVE. Yes, I felt liked being splashed by a freakin’ cold water. I am feeling completely fine, no coughs, colds or fever and to be honest, even healthier than usual. Minus my terrible sleeping habit of course.

Well, since I was asymptomatic he further told me that it shouldn’t be a problem because I’ll just undergo treatment and monitoring for asymptomatic and mild symptoms for 14 whole days. If I turned out to be negative after that, I am good to go.

Maybe it was the mixture of panic, being overwhelmed and my own fvcking gullibility that lead me to another cause of a terrible anxiety. What if it was a prank or a scam call? Which is also suggested by my family, relatives, roommates and landlady since the timing was too weird.

Sunday? Midnight? Who does an official call during night? What if I was asleep that time? Why ask for my details if I already gave it to them before? Besides the results were supposed to be released on Wednesday (at least) according to the nurse that assisted me. And a lot more suspicious weird things including his Identification card sent.

Anyway, my landlady asked the police about it and they said that they haven’t received calls about it. They also told me not to easily believed in messenger calls. It didn’t helped me think well.

I wasn’t able to go to sleep that night because of that. All these things overwhelmed and I can’t even explain it in words. All I know is that it’s terrible and I felt so alone. Although it wasn’t true because I am so lucky with all the people around me and helped me in this horrifying situation.

I have still a lot to tell, but it is my time to rest. Sometimes, I have this stupid thinking that maybe I am a bad luck magnet of some sort. Boi, I can’t even have enough thoughts to recall this consecutive bad things that is happening to me. Why do I have to go through a lot of horrible situations?

Good night. Tomorrow is another tale about my experience here in the Quarantine Facility.

Quarantine Trilogy




By Graymand

See my About Me page at graymand.wordpress..com


  1. I have also self isolated myself because someone in my family tested positive for COVID-19.

    It is ok to be COVID positive nowadays, since it has gotten to the point of community spread, so it doesn’t even matter if you are tested positive or not. What matters is whether you are having symptoms or not, because the ones who are admitted in the hospital are facing a lot of stress. Particularly the scenario is that a lot of patients are reportedly found to be deprived of OXYGEN and if you happen to visit one of the nearest COVID facilities, I am sure you will see tons of oxygen cylinders, this indicates that this virus has majorly busted the lungs of so many patients (even mild symptomatic ones).

    However, you are lucky to be asymptomatic. In case you develop any symptoms, watch out for your oxygen saturation levels using the pulse oximeter or visit the nearest doctor. Anything below 95% spO2 needs to be addressed. If values are below 90%, then the person needs to be admitted because once someone goes below that mark, then the values can drop quite fast after that (values can drop to 70 in a day!). Just be safe, complete your 14 day quarantine, eat nutritious food.

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    1. This is a very informative comment. We all surely needs a lot of open minded people like you.

      I honestly feel very normal. I am still a little bit anxious and tensed because of the situation though. Last night where I was formally admitted, I was checked up and all my vital signs are normal, including my oxygen saturation level which is at 98%. Anyhow, I still trust the results in the name of science, and hopefully, I will be negative of the virus after 14 days.

      Thanks for your concern. I hope you and your family gets better soon. On top of that, may we all turn out to have a better outlook in life after all of this.


  2. As in Facebook messenger? 🤨 I wouldn’t even have opened if that’s how they are contacting. You either call or text my phone or you get nothing. I won’t even view.

    I would say scam if that’s how they doing it. That is very weird…

    On timing… I’m not sure. Because since this is highly contagious maybe they want to get handle immediately, so wouldn’t be spreading? – but that is very strange

    Hmm. I have a real problem contacting through Facebook messenger 🤨 I don’t like that one bit. I would have completely ignored that. Still will – I don’t do Facebook or social media.

    What about people you with? Did they have same happen?

    It would be sad if someone is pranking with these things!! But I do not put past people!

    Is there a way for you to verify?

    Isolate until know for sure, and I hope you stay ok 🙏

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    1. Hi Omatra!

      Yes. Facebook messenger. I don’t usually answer requests as well but the ‘health office’ word got me. Their method seriously scared the hell outta me given that this is a big issue right now. They could always do better.
      Anyway, I tried to understand them by the time I met him in person. He showed his sincerity at least. The news turned out to be true and I have to be quarantined.

      As weirder as it gets, my four other roommates turned out negative. It was a relief for me though and hopefully they remain that way. The weird part is that, I am the only one without the symptoms and all of them have cough for weeks now. Lol. What are the odds!

      It’s my Day 1 now and I will continue writing to at least relieve me from this anxiety.

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      1. Interesting 🤔… so the other roommates tested negative, yet you had been around them. Were you all wearing masks ?

        I can imagine your relief, for them to be negative. So weird they have coughs and you don’t

        Be lucky that you do not show or have any symptoms. Isn’t like we haven’t been in isolation before anyway. As long as you are ok, then it’s fine… please keep writing

        If they contact me that way, that’s going to be a problem. I will completely ignore no matter who says it’s from. If it’s Facebook – I don’t touch it. Not currently, so they will need a new plan for people who do not do Facebook – not everyone does … I have one and I used to use it – but I don’t now. Haven’t in a long time. Also ignore everything that comes through.

        That really bothers me.

        Anyway, keep letting us know how you are doing even if fine. I am just curious and I have not seen any posts from anyone who might or has gotten it.

        Please stay well 🙏 and keep posting when able ✌️


    1. I have emailed them already if the written results is already available. They haven’t replied yet. The City Health Office got my name already so I assume it came from them.

      Thank you. I remain free of symptoms until now. I hope it remains that way.


  3. Awwwww Graymand, I think that caller could have definitely handled your situation better…i hope you got peace of mind…i also at times think I’m doomed but my friend there’s always a silver lining. Stay well!


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