on counting sheep

It is a difficult night for writing. Time check 2:59 AM. It is also a difficult night for sleeping, apparently.


So this piece will just be fragments of thoughts sprinkled in a single paper. Just enough to unload the subtle anxiousness I feel right now.


Have you tried to psycho analyse yourself? Tried healing yourself from something you can’t even identify? What might be the cause?


I always look at myself as a positive person. A fighter of my own battles. Strong enough to make sure I look okay in someone’s naked eye.


You are healing. Slowly. Very slow that you don’t even notice. At least, that’s what I believe.


Patience is a gift. Keep striving.


How to keep your cool? How to keep yourself from the cringe that you might probably just being overly dramatic?


Look at the bright side. You still have food. You are healthy. Your family is well. You can. You will be. Stop stressing yourself. Look at the bright side.


The moon, most of the days, might look incomplete. But it is complete, always has been. And when the time comes, it shines in its full bloom.



Como estas? Kumusta? How are you? It has been a long time since I got the energy to write. It’s weird because I don’t feel like writing actually. Also, the latest album of Taylor Swift made me listen to her songs again. Hope everyone’s well!

Photo by Bobby Stevenson on Unsplash

By Graymand

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