a free and painful heart

Is it okay to embrace pain if it might set you free? You finally broke yourself free from a set-up that confused and gave you pain for so long but it leave you feel helpless. You don’t even know if the person ever felt the same way you do… but you are letting go…

a free and painful heart

drowned by my thoughts

with the anchor of our memories at my feet

I am sinking

the strings of feelings we weaved

are the same strings that strangle me now

I am suffocating

I back counted ten to one

but you are still gone

I whisper

I call you by your name

to force myself

that we are strangers

once again.

Will you ever miss me?

Featured Photo by Markos Mant on Unsplash

By Graymand

See my About Me page at graymand.wordpress..com


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