the neophyte

painting by alessia cairolirhsaatchiartcom van gogh old in sorrow on the threshold of eternity rhpinterestcom van Painting Sad Man gogh old man

Someone told me that it’s an exhausting world out there and there is no telling if you will be ready to meet the demands of the world. I just told him that I will be crossing the bridge when I get there.

the neophyte

just like a dream

he found himself in the middle of nowhere

fighting a world he’s yet to understand

where to steer and land

He’s a fruit that forced itself to ripe

a fish tested to climb

a fire underwater

an orchid in a dessert

He is losing

slowly rotting inside

yet no one


Painting by Alessia Cairolir

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By Graymand

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  1. No time to feel miserable. As a young man, he should feel the strength in him, mentally and physically, and use it in whatever noble endeavor he sees fit. Cheer up. Despite the challenges, there is always a bright , hopeful world out there.

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          1. Husay sa kalokohan eh 🀣🀣🀣
            Kung di ka raw gagawa ng kalokohan habang bata pa wala kang maaalala sa pagtanda mo na pagtatawanan mo.

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  2. The poem heard very masculine. It’s cool. By the way, I think those language above are Asia language, Thailand right? Or… You’re cool dude πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

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