From “” to “.com” – celebrating milestone

I just want to mark this day as I officially turned from to I never felt so FREE! It is so liberating and I’m celebrating.

Creation and procrastination

Who would expect that a bored kiddo who does not know what do in his life, just spending most of his time doing anything useless and nowhere to go would suddenly get up and decide to write? Yep it’s me. Last March 27, 2020, I am isolating myself from the world because of the pandemic. I decided to create this blog for fun. Nothing special. I always wanted to have a platform for some of my hobbies such as writing and photography anyway. Then boom, another free wordpress site was born.

So why step up?

It was some sort of a ‘self promise’. You know, just thought of something to motivate myself. I told myself that if ever I reached at least a thousand followers here then I’ll go premium since the features are better and there are more things to explore. I did not expect that it would surprisingly go well though. I feel amazing. Like I’m doing something good while doing something that I actually like doing. Feel me?

This is just a picture. Not a click bait. Lol.

I’m still exploring the things that I may do here and I got a lot of time since it’s a whole year plan. Let’s see if it will go well or not.

Finally, I just want to THANK YOU for reading my works as well as the remarks and suggestions you share to me. It means a lot. I’m truly grateful to you all for making me feel seen. If you have anything to ask or some blogging experience to share. Please let me hear it in the comments.


Featured photo byΒ Dave LastovskiyΒ onΒ Unsplash

By Graymand

See my About Me page at


        1. Hahaha kaya yan. Actually, nagkataon lang na nakaipon din ako Haha. Kaya ganun.
          Yun nga lang di ko na alam gagawin ko ngayon HAHAHA bahala na..


    1. Thanks for sharing that one. It’s very informative.
      For now, I’ll enjoy this while it last. In any case, I would really love to keep this blog forever I’ll change it to a free site (as per advise) or put it to my will. Lol.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. I appreciate that a lot. ❀

      By the way, how long have you been in premium? Was it okay so far? I'd appreciate your thoughts. ❀


      1. You’re welcome!πŸ€—

        Well, just a few months ago. I guess it was towards the end of Feb. I don’t see much difference as such, honestly speaking. Unless you’re going to sell something from your website, it’s almost the same with some added features.

        Did you check the list of added features before buying?

        Liked by 2 people

          1. It’s Premium I don’t wanna go business. I don’t want the hassle that comes along with it. Also, I’m just getting started and my audience is not that large lols..


          2. I don’t know. Just an intuition or something haha. Anyway, if I may put it this way, paying more (as in Business plan) isn’t economically practical for me now since this is just a hobby. I think?


          3. HAHAHA. Some are Philippine languages. Filipino (the national language) and Bisaya (one of the many native languages there).
            Where are you from?


      1. I’ve been using Premium for a little less than a year. I have had a great experience with it. I have a post about it if you want to know more I can share a link to it.


    1. Hi! Thanks for asking and hopefully we can grow together and follow each other’s works here.
      I’m also new here so I’m a li’l bit inexperienced as well. But there are few things I did when I was starting.
      I read and followed a lot of blogs so that I can gain some experiences from their works. I also joined some groups in Facebook for bloggers (it didn’t help that much tho). I also connected my site to my social media accounts particularly Facebook and Twitter to increase my engagement.
      Hopefully, it well help you a bit.
      Nice to know you. ❀

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