Free Images Websites to get cool pictures – For those who struggle to find good photos like me

Some time ago, a fellow blogger asked me if I own the photos that I incorporate in my blog posts. Yes. Most of the photos unless I put “photo by” are my own. But then I don’t want to have future copyright problems so I researched some FREE websites that allow users to download images for free.

I’m sharing these to you guys who may struggle with or might want to avoid the same problem.

But of course, I highly encourage everyone to still “link” the sources of the image because it’s the least that we can do for their website and to the person who contributed to the photo.

All of the following website are FREE AND ROYALTY FREE. Meaning you won’t have any problem posting it to your blog.

Where can I get good quality images for FREE?


This is my current favorite website for images and poem. They have good quality photos that are great for stories and poems. It’s search engine is also terminology friendly. For instance, in this post I search ‘Freedom’ for my featured photo and a lot of good photos popped out! Visit them here.


This is also by far one of the most used free photo site by many bloggers. It was founded last 2017 and has 1 billion plus users worldwide. I read before tho that some photographers that upload their photos in Pixabay may earn thru donations. You can download images here.


It can be found in their FAQ section that we can use their photos for almost everything. Even for commercial uses such as mugs and t-shirt printing. This is truly a relief for everyone out there who doesn’t want to create unnecessary problems in their blogs. Download here.


The photos that can be found here are giving me the Instagram vibes. The photos here are also free to use so you might want to add this site to your options. Here’s the link to their page.

Free Images

When I searched for ‘Free images’, Google gave me this. They sure are quite that specific in naming their website. I haven’t tried this yet but you should add this to your options. All are free for personal and commercial uses as well. Visit here.

Final Words: I hope this will help everyone who struggle to find good photos like me. If you happen to know more free sites for images. Let me know in the comments.


Here’s a baby photo to make your day. 🙂

Featured photo and Baby photo by Unsplash.

25 thoughts on “Free Images Websites to get cool pictures – For those who struggle to find good photos like me

    1. Welcome. I hope it can help you too. Sharing is caring ♥️.

      I’m actually struggling to replace some of the photos in my previous posts. Because some of it were just lifted in Google Images which is not healthy to our blogs. You know, copyright thing. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m happy for you. I wish I have the knowledge before then. HAHA. If it wasn’t for some fellow bloggers who cares I might still be doing something terrible until now HAHAHA.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe. Welcome. Sharing is caring. ❤

      Oh, you should. There's a lot of awesome pictures out there and it makes our blogs more interesting ❤


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