What are the things you miss doing?

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It’s been 8 weeks and most of us are still in qurantine. I’m getting anxious specially that I’ve read the latest update and the cases are still increasing.

What are the things that you miss doing? What are the things that you will do after everything gets better?

Here are some of my bucket list:

  • I will definitely visit a restaurant with steak.
  • I will swim.
  • I will visit the library.
  • I will go to a coffee shop and read.
  • I will go to church.
  • I will visit my family (TOP 1)
  • I will visit the mall.
  • I will roam around and will take a lot of photos of the city and seashores and sunrise and sunsets. And oh.. the moon of course.
  • I WILL JOG! Ughh. I can’t run today because of the new rules and the curfew.
  • The I-love-to-stay-home me will definitely go out.
  • I will drink? HAHAHA

Of course, I will do this in terms of the new normal.

Wha are the things that you miss doing? Let me hear it.

LOL. I’m pretty sure I’m in this high level of boredom that I’m day dreaming and writing this post.


By Graymand

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          1. Catholic is awesome cause most of my friends are Catholics; they teach me how to dance to their songs and they sing quite well too.
            It’s such a powerful service perse.

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          2. Glad to know you too..please share your best church playlist. Am sure it will be quite a knock out 🀩

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          3. Thanks for the idea. I actually have both Catholic and Christian playlist in my Spotify.
            I will be happy to hear from you too. ❀



      1. I’ve been trying to make wine from store bought juice. But it turns out that the preservatives halt the fermentation process. I cannot find a single fruit juice without sorbate in it.

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        1. Hello. May I interrupt a bit? I’m actually a licensed Chem Tech and that’s true that the extra ingredients from store bought juice are not good for wine making. But if you still want to try: fresh fruits from the groceries (e.g. grapes) PLUS wine yeast or even just baking yeast can be a really good alternative.

          As a matter of fact, I made one for a lab project for my prof few years back. Haha. She liked it and gave me a 1.0 grade. Sweet memory. Hehe.

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          1. Mine was from grapes.
            One of my classmates made wine apple, or at least it was supposed to be wine apple. It tasted like apple cider tho. Mainly because apples contain less starch. Starch is the component that turns into alcohol thru fermentation.

            I will be happy to hear from you soon. Ganbatte!

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          1. D naman daw siya airborne. May cases lang na parang airborne sya sa mga hospital kasi nga marami carriers dun. Kumbaga sa alikabok ba, mas madami alikabok sa hospital so parang nasa hangin na rin sya. Haha. Basta parang ganun.

            Anyway, stay safe nalang tayo kasi wala pa tong vaccine. πŸ˜”πŸ’”

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          2. Tama yun ang hirap pa naman na matrace na nya ngayon kasi di pa fully implemented yung mass testing. Huhu. Sana matapos na talaga to. Tapos sana wala ng kumain ng paniki sa susunod na mga panahon Hahahaha


          3. Sa gabi lang po naka on. Pag umaga naman bintana lang tas e-fan. Eh sa second floor naman kami nakalocate mas naiinitan nasa taas na floors HAHAHA.

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  1. Hahah, I also miss going to church. Listening to the online mass is not the same ! I also desperately miss going to the library. I’ve read and reread all the books I checked out way back in March!

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  2. Hmmm I really miss reading in the cafΓ©! 😭 And walking inside the University… It was so refreshing. I need some fresh air. Hahahuhu.

    Mukang maeextend nanaman lockdown e. Hanggang June 15 yata? (Sana tho talaga hindi) but at the same time, I hope the situation gets better and that more people get healed and saved from the virus πŸ™

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    1. Haha ako rin po. Namimiss ko na yung ganung moments. Simple lang pero nostalgic.

      Hala seryoso? Abaaaahh ECQ Season 4 is real HAHAHA. Sana nga eh mawala na talaga. Kung ano ano naman po ksi isyu yung napatong eh. Hindi tuloy makafocus ng tuluyan. Pray lang tayo. Tapos tiwala.
      Ingat ka po palagi. ❀

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      1. Naku wag ka na mang-opo, bata pa me. Mga seven, ganon. char HAHAHA

        Kaya nga eh. Kahit introvert ako, nakakamiss din pala lumabas… Kahit fresh air lang oh. Haha iba kasi kapag forced kang ma-isolate kesa sa may choice kang i-isolate sarili mo eh noh… True, sana matutukan at ma-prioritize ‘yung pagharap sa virus. Tama, pray and do our parts para maalagaan sarili and then, makatulong sa iba. ❀

        Let's hope and pray na maging better dahil mas mahirap kung i-lift 'yung lockdown at napakaliit na percent palang 'yung nate-test. Hahahuhu. Take care always din ❀

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        1. Totoo yan kasi may nabasa ako sa ‘History’ na website. Mas malala yung nangyari sa second wave nung panahon ng Spanish Flu. 50 ba or 500 million atah biktima basta ganun. Kasi after nung naglift eh mejo nakampante nagparty party daw ayon nagkahawaan pa rin kasi nga wala pa naman daw vaccine para dun. Sana di maulit yung ganun.

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          1. Oo, grabe dami nadali nung Spanish Flu. May approved nang lugar for moderate/high ECQ eh, pero wala pang bagong announcement ng dates. Pero even now, nagttraffic na daw sa checkpoints sabi nung mga kakilala kong nagwowork. Nakakaloka sana um-okay na kasi sobrang failed pa naman ng public transport natin lol napakadali magkahawaan

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          2. True. (yes, kahit di naman talaga nagpa-party?) HAHAHA nagpush ba kayo ng online classes?


          3. ay sori akala ko sa sem e hahaha! Boards ba ‘yan? haha ‘yung kaibigan ko rin eh di niya sure tuloy kung pupush siya mag-take sa October kasi feel niya need talaga mag-review center. Hirap these times kase nakakasira ng plans and sched

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  3. Now being a senior citizen, I lead a fairly dull life in the best of times, so the quarantine hasn’t really affected my life all that much to be honest. If I were 20-30 years younger, I’d probably be going mad.

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    1. Oh, I’m sure those were still memorable years Sir.
      Actually, I also grew up mostly staying at home during my schooling years (unless I go to school and school related acts lol). At first, the quarantine wasn’t that much of a bother to me. But since its almost 9 weeks since the lock down I can’t help but to get anxious HAHAHA.

      Stay safe Sir. ❀

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