I wish we won’t go back to normal

To you who survived,

If life is unfair to you and then it’s unfair to me, isn’t it still fair to us?

This long time of sitting forced us to realize that sometimes we spend much of our lifetime to our career and in search of money.

We lost track to the real purpose of why we strive.

We skipped meals to earn more, then we spend more when we get sick.

So, when the time has come, I wish we won’t go back to normal.

When nature speaks, may we listen more. May we realize that she knows the ultimate revenge – to set you apart and curse you to see your own love behind a glass wall; disable you from touching or breathing the same air; and the worst– force you to avoid your own kind.

When the Eifel Tower turned bright again and the humid of fear are swept with the breeze of love, may we embrace the people we care and spend more time to them.

When Disney Land sets its world of magic again, may we nurture the meaning of family more.

When the church bells ring again and the choir sings a melody of peace, may we find our faith firmer.

When this is over, may we be stronger.

Because life is as fragile as glass and can be as short as a heartbeat.

(c) Graymand 2020. Part of because I’m 22 poem series.

By Graymand

See my About Me page at graymand.wordpress..com


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