Am I comfortable being alone?

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For a long time now, I am always asked if I like to be alone or why I am always alone. Whenever I answer this question with a “Yes” or “Because I just feel like doing it”, I am always getting those sad eyes response or a pat in the head. The thing is, I don’t really understand why people are sad for me or why they associate me to a depressed, lonely or an ‘emo’ person.

Am I comfortable being alone?

The answer is Yes. I tried to sort my thoughts out to see if I am being real. Because maybe I am just being denial or maybe I am just one of those people who tried to hide and isolate their pain behind a sweet smile (Lol! I find the second thought a little ‘cringey’).

I jot down some of the things that are making me comfortable as a loner.

  • I like the feeling of peace and silence. Whenever I feel alone, everything just seem to be quiet and I love the calmness that it brings to me. I can think and have deeper realization about different things.
  • Freedom. This is a little bit weird but I feel like I’m more free to do a lot of things whenever I’m alone. I feel ‘more’. But don’t get me wrong. I am pretty sure I am not depressed.
  • I can work more. Well, I learned and cope up with this trait since I was in grade school. I prefer to do things alone or independently as much as I can. Although it doesn’t mean I can’t work with teams. In fact I was a school leader before!
  • I can notice more. I just love the feeling of focusing to details more and giving more thoughts to these such as in paintings and in poems. This is a thing that I can’t do much whenever I’m in a crowd because I can be easily distracted.

These are pretty much the basic reasons. The ‘con’ of being a loner though sometimes is that you are constantly accused of spacing out. Lol! But just to clarify things, I am not sad nor depressed.

Thanks for reading! Have a good day.

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  1. There is a very Latin saying: “It is better to be alone than in bad company.” That sums up what you wrote, that it is more productive to find yourself, than with others. Very typical of youth
    Good reading.

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