Commitment for an important exam

“The problem with you millennial kids is that you have a short attention span.”

One of my favorite professor used to tell me that before. “Uhmm… Ma’am I think I’m a Generation Z kid?” I replied with a wry smile.

“You know that’s not my point!” I pretty much remember my prof and her eagerness to throw the nearest object she can touch at me. I use to visit her during my vacant hours. Just to share a few of my college dramas and just to listen about her stories (You know we all have that one person who loves sharing their adventures to inspire everyone). She talked about it with love as if she’s on an adventure with her magical staff to fight some dragon in a dungeon.

Those were the days. Lol. By the way, I am not under any of her class anymore during that time and I always have these admiration to talk with older people. I love their combined wisdom and those “parent” like comforts.

That’s pretty long enough for an introduction, eh? Since few days ago I decided to start a personal development stuff which I successfully did. I am eager to tend much woods to the fire now. Actually, I will be having an important life changing exam after this quarantine period and I stopped reviewing my notes for about a month now.

It’s a very bad news.

All the preparations I did will just go into waste if I won’t be doing anything about it. So, I will be challenging again myself. I should solve and post at least 5 – 10 word problems a day.

Here’s the plan:

  • No pressure. I should do it any time of the day as long as before I sleep.
  • I will solve 5-10 engineering word problems on paper EVERYDAY.
  • I will post it here EVERYDAY to : 1. show my commitment (more like not embarass myself lol) 2. refresh and retain it in my mind by recalling. 3. as a study note for anyone who will encounter same problem in class (yeah, helping is good).

Starting today!

I’m into hitting 2 or more bird in 1 stone kind of guy so Let’s do this. Be motivated and challenge yourself to a small thing too. It’s never too late!

Fight procrastination and our short attention span.


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  1. Everyone does have a short attention span owing to the fact that we worship acquiring knowledge to putting it to use!
    As they say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

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  2. Yes!

    Goldfish are said to have an attention span of five seconds, which is approximately two seconds longer than a visitor to your website.

    But fish don’t blog!

    Or do they?

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