These memes made me laugh and feel guilty at the same time in this quarantine days

Yesterday, I did nothing at all aside from scrolling three same apps all day. I always have these things in mind that I want to do and be productive. Anything just to make sense. Bad news is, it just remained there in my head and seems like my neurons are lazy themselves to transmit the message to my body. Lol.

Then while scrolling on Facebook, I saw these hilarious and annoying memes. Apparently, the world can see through me right now. I saved some screenshots of it. Look:

Ouch! The audacity of this meme.

My one minute plank didn’t feel any better that day too.

The dopamine and stress level in my body right now are seriously high I know.

Someone even have the guts to mock my blogging to me. This is too much. Haha!

Then just when I did a little bit of studying…

This is exactly me after all this memes:

I do not own the photos. For entertainment use only. Photo credited to the original owner.

By Graymand

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    1. Thanks for reading. Seriously, these memes really appeared on my news feed . Although not at the same time. I have this habit of keeping screenshots of fun things in social media and sometimes sharing some of them in my blog as well. Lol.

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