After writing this, please let me go

You look beautiful and perfect
until I opened your heart
A jar of stagnant darkness
kept for so long
it stink of frustration
of rotting sadness
of envy and jealousy
the scent of cadaverine.

I gave you a sheet, a quill, and a brush
to give your soul a language
that no one understand other than you

The poem you wrote
is almost a song
using the ink
from the jar of your heart
it sings of how
it rains and poured
of black cats and angry ravens
trying to corrode the charm
that your mother gave you
then you paint
an abstract of noise
and screaming butterflies
and a moth in fire Stop
I promise to leave you
until the ink runs out

(c) Graymand 2020

Painting not mine. Credits goes to the original artist.

By Graymand

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