A Happy Easter Sunday to you! and a post full of THANK YOU

Hello there! I hope you are having a blast this Easter Sunday. I just want to post this greetings as a way of thanking everyone who will see this post. Thank you!

Because today is a day of being grateful, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my first 100 followers as of writing (which I followed back as well) for making me feel that I am seen. This may be a small thing but I’ve never felt this happy in this trying times. Thank you!

As you see, I just started this blog last March 27, 2020 because I have the time (due to the nationwide quarantine in my country.) I ‘was’ a writer before as well as a campus photographer during university years but I laid back because I have to focus on my academics. Thank you for making me feel that I am not alone in this platform especially that this is not very popular in my place. I am so happy to know people who share the same interest. Thank you!

I am a chemical technician and a future chemical engineer (hopefully this year) in real life but a curious and a nerdy potato of my own little world. If you stumble upon this post. Thank you!

Lastly, I am sorry if the topics of my blog are mess. Like one day I will talk about anime then the next day I will try to write an essay or poem then I will talk about the coffee I drank after. I just love tackling topics related to my hobbies and interest and will be happier if I will be improving my writing skills in the process. Yeah, like a true gamer, boy. Thank you for the people that I encountered and will encounter in this journey. I am reading your sites and they are cool. Thank you!

Let’s just make today a positive one and be thankful to all the small things in life. HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY! Thank you!

21 thoughts on “A Happy Easter Sunday to you! and a post full of THANK YOU

    1. Happy Easter Sunday to you as well!
      I like your relationship blog although I’m not yet in that kind of world. Lol. But having a glimpse and a ‘future’ reference about it is cool. Thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you here.

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